Automatic Mascara Lipgloss And Foundation Filling Machine

The qualities of the devices used in filling fluids such as cream and foundation have an important role. The Cream Filling Machine automatically fill up such fluids into packages and has the following features in general:

  • Since there is one filling nozzle on the machine, filling processes are provided effectively.
  • Each part is made of stainless steel, enabling long-term use.
  • There is a turntable or conveyor on the machine.
  • For the filling process, the packages come under the nozzle automatically.
  • Filling can be processed in series without any weight error.

Cream filling machine has many features and is among the devices used in many different sectors, especially in the cosmetics sector. It stands out with its innovative features and technological infrastructure.


Mascara Filling Machine / Lipgloss Filling Machine / Foundation Filling Machine Lipgloss or mascara packages that are put into the molds on the conveyor are first filled in the filling part, the filled package advances on the conveyor and after the screw cap is tightened, the lipgloss or mascara package is output from the conveyor.

Technical Specifications

Lipgloss filling machine/Foundation filling machine/Mascara filling machine has three different units. It enables the packaging of lipgloss / mascara / foundation through these units. The general features of the machine can be listed as follows:

  • INOX has a stainless feature.
  • Made of PVC plastic PFTE Teflon.
  • There is 1 filling nozzle and three different units.

It is extremely easy to make mass production of lipgloss filling machines / mascara filling machines / foundation filling machines, which offer the possibility of filling with high precision. It is possible to complete the filling processes and make the products ready for use by using a single machine in the production of foundation, lipstick and mascara.


The packages put into the molds come under the foundation/lipgloss/mascara filling nozzle. There is 1 filling nozzle on the machine. The filling nozzle is our own design. The nozzle draws the adjusted ml of product from the pressure vessel and fills the package.


Since this machine is a foundation filling machine, lipgloss filling machine and mascara filling machine, cap feeding is done by a staff.


The cap of the screw cap placed on the packaging filled in the molds is tightened.


The package, whose lid is tightened, enables the package to be taken out of the machine with an automatic arm with a turntable.



The second point to be noted about the machine is that the keys on the glass frame of the cabin are opened and the machine will stop for the safety of the person who intervenes in case of manual intervention.

Since the machine is used for foundation, mascara and lipgloss, nozzle and mold changes may occur.