Capping Machines

Capping machines have different features depending on the type of model. Manual machines do not require any power, although they are used under human control. This type of machine enables easy closing of bottles or similar products with push-button or pedal-like control apparatus.

Automatic capping machines are ideal for mass production. While manual models make 1 plier at a time, automatic models have the possibility of mass production. Automatic models, which enable the lids to be placed quickly, safely and tightly, are the models that are widely preferred in industrial areas in high volume production.

Capping machines are machines that ensure that the filled products are sealed and ready for sale. Capping machine, which enables the capping of caps and bottles of different sizes, differs according to the quality of the product. It is possible to perform all kinds of capping operations such as screw, timing, beak cap types with these machines. Although there is a wide variety of capping machine, they basically have the same operating principle. The main function of automatic capping machine is that capping processes can be completed quickly without the need for any labor. Semi-manual or fully manual machines require manpower.

What is Capping Machine, What Does It Do?

Capping machine: It is a machine developed for capping cream, lotion spray, and similar bottles. It has an extremely wide range of options. There are different models for each type of bottle, but there are also models of capping machine that have more than one function.

What is Capping Machine?

Lid closing machines provide advantages in many aspects. With these machines, which promise time and effort saving especially in terms of speed and need of human labor, cover the products perfectly. The capping machine, which can be easily used in industrial capping projects, will also significantly increase work efficiency.

Capping machine, with their adjustable speed features, allow capping of bottles or similar products as desired in the requested times. These machines, which are widely used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, allow high-precision products to be easily closed and ready for sale.

What Does Capping Machine Do?

Capping machine is machines that have been developed to ensure the capping of the products that will be offered for sale by the manufacturer companies in the industrial field. The main function of capping machines, which have manual, automatic and semi-automatic types, is to make the products ready for sale

Another function of capping machine is to complete capping operations at a perfect level without the need for manpower. Machines that do not require any power can provide the high standard of power required for capping. Thus, the capping machine ensure that the products are ready for sale without the need for any specific timing.