Cooling Tunnel

The cooling tunnel may have different properties depending on the characteristics of the manufactured product. However, all cooling tunnels basically have a shock cooling function. General characteristics of the cooling tunnel; They are produced from PVC plastic and PFTE Teflon and have INOX stainless properties. Dimensions can be determined according to demands. It can be used in the production of cosmetic products such as wax, cream and hot process or to meet different industrial demands.

The cooling tunnel is a tool that enables various products manufactured in the cosmetic industry to be cooled by the shock effect and ready for production. These vehicles, which can also be called hot product cooling tunnels, basically provide the cooling of wax and similar products with the effect of shock. Cooling tunnels, which promise significant time savings in the production process, also play an important role in the forced cooling of some products. In the first step of wax production, waxes filled by heating at high temperatures are subjected to shock cooling with a cooling tunnel. The products prepared for the labeling and foiling units are made ready for sale after the processes they see in these units.

What is Cooling Tunnels, What Does It Do?

Cooling tunnels are tools used in the production of cosmetic products such as wax and cream. Although it has different sizes and features, it is mostly used to suddenly cool hot products and minimize the waiting process. Sudden shock cooling is of critical importance in wax production. Therefore, cooling tunnels are needed in the manufacture of wax and similar cosmetic products.

What is Cooling Tunnels?

The cooling tunnel is the tunnel that provides rapid cooling of wax and similar products, which are heated at high temperatures during the filling phase. This tunnel, which can be integrated into other production lines, can enable the products to be transferred from the exit section to the foil sealing machine, if requested.

The lengths, dimensions and number of strips of the cooling tunnels may differ according to the characteristics of the product to be produced. It is mostly used just behind hot filling machines. It ensures that the products, which are made ready for production by heating and filled, are cooled with the effect of shock. With the integration to be established later, it optionally transmits the products to the foil sealing machine.

What Does Cooling Tunnels Do?

The hot product cooling tunnel basically provides shock cooling of hot products. The tunnel, which is widely preferred especially in wax production, is a very useful tool in industrial production. The tunnel, which prevents hot products from waiting for a long time, thus saves time and accelerates the production process. It is suitable for use after the filling process of all kinds of cosmetic products that are treated with wax or similar heat.

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