Cooling Units

Cooling units are devices that provide rapid and shock cooling based on injection. As the features of the device differ according to the model, it basically performs the cooling function. It has different models working with liquid or gas. Liquid-powered models take up less space, while gas-fired models are larger, performing the same function.

Cooling units are injection-based systems that allow heat to be taken from one source and transferred to another source. The working principle of the cooler, which is widely used in the industrial field, is based on the cooling of the compressed gas in the compressor in the concentrator system. The gas passing through the valve called the expansion valve is suddenly cooled by the effect of shock and the hot product is cooled without any waiting. Cooler are categorized in two different ways as water- and air-cooled systems. Although they have different qualities, the working principle of these two types of coolers is the same. The cooler is suitable for use in rapid cooling of different types of products in different industrial areas.

What is a Cooling Group, What Does It Do?

The cooling units have a wide range of uses in the industrial field, as it saves energy. It can be used in every industrial area where cooling is needed, especially in cosmetics, health, medicine, food, shoes, plastic injection, freezing systems, cold storages. Coolers are also suitable for functional use in a single industrial area according to their features.

What is a Cooling Group?

The cooling group is a cooling solution that has the principle of cooling the air heated in the compressor in the condenser with the shock effect. It is one of the most widely preferred cooling solutions worldwide. It has 4 different units as compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve. It has a simple working principle and provides a high level of efficiency.

What Does a Cooling Group Do?

The cooler basically has the function of shock cooling of liquid products. With this feature, coolers can be used in many different industrial facilities and sectors in the production area. It is widely used in sectors where products that need cooling suddenly are produced.

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