Double Foil Sealing Machine

The double foil sealing machine has two foil sealing units. Therefore, it promises the possibility of mass production. Both foil sealing units in the machine are designed for double foil sealing. Made of PVC plastic and PFT Teflon, this machine has a high level of corrosion resistance.

The double foil sealing machine, which enables foiling in the mouth areas of products such as wax, can also be used in different sectors. Foiling can be done according to the quality, size and function of the products.

Double Foil Sealing Machine are machines that automatically foil the products that need foiling. Widely used in the food, health and cosmetics industries, these machines are ideal for medium or small production facilities. It can also be used in industrial packaging works. These machines, which have a fully automatic structure; It promises a serial, reliable and tight foiling operation. It eliminates problems such as scattering by ensuring the protection of cream-like fluid products. At the same time, such products must be protected due to their high level of sensitivity. The products that are foiled with the double foil sealing machines are protected against microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, thereby increasing the product quality to a high standard.

What are Double Foil Sealing Machines, What Is It For?

Double Foil Sealing Machine are machines used in foiling processes. Compared to other single models, double machines offer the possibility of double-layer foiling. Since it is not enough to cover some sensitive products with a single layer of foil, double-layer foiling is required. Two foiling units on the machine automatically ensure that the product is ready for sale. It does not need any human control.

What are Double Foil Sealing Machines?

The Double Foil Sealing Machines is the ideal double unit foil sealing machine for facilities for mass production. Thanks to its double unit, it enables the packaging process to be completed much faster and more efficiently. This fully automatic machine makes it possible to attach foil to products in pairs.

The working principle of the double foil sealing machines are in parallel with other foil sealing machines. The double foil sealing machines, which allows products to enter different units through conveyors, sticks double foil to the products entering in the turntable. Then, the product, which goes to the capping unit with the help of the conveyor, is capped and ready for sale and is delivered to the collection unit.

What Do Double Foil Sealing Machines Do?

The double foil sealing machines performs the foil sealing function, which ensures that the products are protected against harmful external factors in cases where double foiling is required. It can be used in the industrial field, as well as suitable for small or medium-sized production facilities. The main function of double foil sealing machines is to protect high precision products by gluing double foil.