Double Sided Labeling Machines

The double-sided labeling machine incorporates all the features that may be needed in labeling, which is the last stage of production. General features of the machine:

  • Optionally one-sided labeling,
  • Stepper motor and high-adjusted labeling photocell,
  • Capacity to make 15,000 labels per hour.
  • 400 W power consumption.
  • 300 mm maximum roll width
  • 10-140 / 30-250 / 45-350 mm label height.

It is possible to use the machine for all labeling needs in line with industrial demands.

Double sided labeling machines is the machine that makes the products ready for sale after filling and capping processes are done. As it can operate on demand, this machine can proceed to the product labeling on two sides. This machine that can operate on double sides has a wide range of uses from the food sector to the health sector and the cosmetics sector as well. It can be used for a large-scale design.

The double sided labeling machines enabling products of different sizes and volumes to be labeled, is suitable for use by industrial medium or small-sized entrepreneurs.

What is Double-Sided Labeling Machine, What Does It Do?

The double sided labeling machines are also suitable for single-sided use. The machine offers optional single-sided labeling, can also label all products including plastic, glass and metal when double-sided labeling is required. It can also meet industrial demands, especially for small and medium-sized manufacturers in the cosmetics sector.

What are Double-Sided Labeling Machines?

Double-sided labeling machine is a machine that can produce labels up to a maximum width of 300 mm, and that it for either double or one-sided labeling process. The machine ensures the labeling for different products, which makes it suitable for use in different sectors. The machine can make 15,000 labels per hour and has a remarkable energy consumption performance with a power consumption of 400 W.

The double sided labeling machine has a fully automatic feature. After the designs of the labels are prepared, it can complete the label sticking process in a serial manner, without the need for any human control. Working with a stepper motor, the machine is capable of meeting industrial demands with its high-speed labeling capability.

What Do Double-Sided Labeling Machines Do?

Double sided labeling machine has the function of double-sided labeling of cylindrical products such as bottles, jars, tubes, tins. Widely used in the industrial field, the machine is also ideal for medium-sized manufacturers. The most important feature of the double-sided labeling machine, which promises easy use, is that it can make two-sided labeling in an extremely rapid manner.

It is also possible for the machine, which optionally has the feature of making one-sided labeling, to meet the demands of one-sided labeling. The labeling module of the machine with a high-adjusted label photocell is label pack. It can be used in every sector where products with suitable sizes are produced that need double-sided labeling, including food, cleaning, pharmaceutical, chemistry, cosmetics sectors.

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