Foil Sealing Machines

Foil sealing machines have different features according to their models. It is possible to choose different models according to expectations and demands. The operating principle of all models is to position the foils in the desired areas with a high level of heat. These machines, which proceed at a high speed of 1-2 seconds, have a very critical function in protecting the products to be sold.

Foil gluing machines are machines that allow gluing foils of predetermined sizes to packaging products. Although it is widely used in the packaging industry today, it can also be preferred by small and medium enterprises. Foil sealing machines can be simply used and differ according to their functions and features. Including the models there are different sizes of bottles, boxes, jars etc. There are models that allow the products to be foiled. While the control is in the hands of the manual machines, the automatic machines ensure that the foil is adhered to the products in series. Semi-automatic models, on the other hand, can optionally operate depending on the user or meet the needs promised by automatic machines.

What is Foil Sealing Machine, What Does It Do?

Foil gluing machines can be used in the industrial field or in smaller enterprises. The most basic task of these machines is to position the foil in the requested dimensions on the mouth parts of the packaging products. It is widely used, especially in the cosmetic industry, to make fluid products such as wax and cream ready for sale.

What is Foil Sealing Machines?

Foil sealing machines are machines developed to position the foils on the mouth area of ​​products. Although there are models with different features that perform different functions, there are also models developed especially for cosmetics industry use. These models are also categorized according to their functions and features.

Double foil sealing machines have a specific operating principle that provides double foiling of products. These fully automatic machines ensure that the products transmitted over the conveyor are foiled and conveyed to the collection unit. With these models, which have two foil sealing units, it is possible to make serial and tight production.

What Does Foil Sealing Machine Do?

Foil sealing machine perform the function of attaching foil to products that require foil. It hosts fully automatic double models as well as manual models of foil sealing machines. Manual machines, like automatic models, are based on the principle of packaging on the conveyor. The main difference of manual models is that they are based on human control during the production process.

Automatic double-unit machines promise more mass production. These foil sealing machines, which host two units, offer the opportunity to package two products at the same time, unlike the single-unit models. Double-unit models are especially suitable for use in product groups such as wax and cream, which have a very important role in the cosmetics industry.