Lipstick Attaching Machines

Lipstick sticking machines are suitable for use in the industrial field with their features. At the same time, small and medium-sized manufacturers operating in the cosmetics sector can also benefit from the features of these machines. It is possible to list the general features of lipstick nailing machines as follows:

  • Made of PVC plastic and PFTE Teflon.
  • INOX has a stainless feature.
  • It weighs 170 kg and has dimensions of 1000*5000*1850 mm.
  • 40/40 has 1 reducer.
  • It can apply 40 lipsticks per minute and can be controlled with its 7-inch screen.
  • It has 0.4 kW servo motor and driver.

It is possible to use lipstick nailing machines in every field in the cosmetic industry. These machines, which are indispensable parts for lipstick production and play an important role in making the lipsticks ready for sale.

Lipstick fastening machines are machines that allow the lipsticks prepared for sale to be nailed after they have passed the filling stage. These machines are one of the key parts of the production process of lipsticks and have a very important place in the cosmetics industry, these machines ensure that frozen lipsticks placed in elevators according to the prepared molds are nailed. It is possible to use lipstick fixing machines with molds of different designs upon request. Lipstick fixing machines, one of the most important machines in the cosmetics industry and are used immediately after lipstick filling processes. The machine positions the frozen lipstick on the elevators, then performs the fastening process and ensures that the lipsticks are ready for use.

What is Lipstick Attaching Machines, What Does It Do?

Lipstick nailing machines are one of the most important equipment required for lipstick production in the cosmetics industry. The nailing machines are in the second leg of lipstick production and ensure that the filled lipsticks are nailed in molds. The machine has one mechanism and positions the frozen lipstick molds in the center. It plays a role in making the lipstick ready for sale by transferring it to the next production unit by achieving the nailing process.

What is Lipstick Nailing machine?

Lipstick nailing machines are the machines used to nail filled lipsticks, which is the second step of lipstick production. These machines have the capacity to flash 40 lipsticks per minute and enable the production of lipsticks of different qualities and designs with different molds. Fastening machines can be controlled with a 7-inch screen and can operate automatically without the need for any manpower.

Lipstick production machines play a critical role in lipstick production. These machines can also be called the nailing unit and take place in the second part of lipstick production. Lipsticks filled through the lipstick filling machine are conveyed to these machines by elevators and the fastening process is completed and the produced lipstick is transferred to the next unit.

What Do Lipstick Nailing Machines Do?

Lipstick fasteners are integrated machines or units used in the production of lipsticks, which are one of the most important parts of the cosmetic industry. These machines can be called units as they are a part of lipstick production, basically perform the function of nailing lipsticks to their molds. It is possible to control the lipstick fasteners, which allow the lipsticks, that have passed through various processes, to be nailed to the elevators, with a 7-inch touch screen.

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