Lipstick Filling Machines

Lipstick filling machines have different features. All models, which have the same working principle, basically ensure that the lipsticks produced are ready for the flashing process. It is possible to list the general features of lipstick filling machines as follows:

  • It is produced from PVC plastic and PFTE Teflon.
  • INOX has a stainless feature.
  • 2 mixers work with 0.08 kW 1400 rpm motor.
  • It has a 7-inch touch screen.
  • It has a 5-horsepower cooling unit.
  • 11 PLC control heat areas fill lipstick with 15 kw resistance.

It is possible for lipstick filling machines to fill up to 40 lipsticks per minute. It is possible to meet the industrial demands of the cosmetics industry with these machines, which offer the possibility of mass production with ease.

Lipstick filling machines are machines that enable mass production by filling lipsticks, one of the most important products of the cosmetics industry, with high precision. These machines have different models and designs, offer the possibility of filling with high precision. It is possible to say that lipstick filling machines, which are extremely suitable for industrial uses, are also suitable for medium and small production networks. The working principle of lipstick filling machines is based on balancing the consistency of lipstick by melting the lipstick, which is transferred to the boiler area in molds, with the help of resistance. The lipstick, which passes through the mixer at the same time, is placed in the lipstick molds specially designed for the model and left to freeze. In addition, lipstick filling machines convey the filled lipsticks to the fastening unit with the help of an elevator.

What is a Lipstick Filling Machine, What Does It Do?

Lipstick filling machines are machines that perform a very critical function in the production phase of lipsticks, which are one of the most important components of the cosmetic industry. The main function of the machine is to fill lipstick by mass production. Lipstick filling machine, which balance the consistency of the lipstick with its 2 mixers, can fill up to 40 lipsticks per minute.

What is Lipstick Filling Machine?

Lipstick filling machines are machines that fill lipstick in accordance with the requested weight and molds. These machines can produce lipsticks in different sizes and also can produce different lipsticks in terms of design. It is also possible to use these machines, which are widely used in the industrial field, in medium-scale productions.

The most basic function of lipstick filling machine is to perform the first step of lipstick production. These machines, which enable the lipstick to reach the appropriate consistency and determine its weight with high precision, also perform the same freezing processes. Machines with a cooling unit allow the lipstick to reach the desired consistency by freezing it thanks to this unit. The lipstick, which has gone through a series of processes, is transmitted to the nailing unit via the elevator of the machine.

What Does Lipstick Filling Machine Do?

Lipstick filling machine basically have the function of determining the consistency of lipsticks and filling the products evenly with high precision weight. These machines make lipsticks ready to be nailed and enable lipstick design to be made using specially designed molds.

Lipstick filling machine has a 5-horsepower cooling unit and have 2 reducers. These machines, which have a 7-inch controllable screen, also work fully automatically. Machines that do not require any human control or labor enable the lipsticks to be ready for sale by mass production.