Mascara Filling Machine

Mascara filling machine has three different units. It enables the production of mascara through these units. The features of this machine can be listed as follows:

  • It is made of stainless-steel material.
  • Made of PVC plastic PFTE Teflon.
  • There is 1 filling nozzle and three different units.

Mass production is extremely easy with mascara filling machines that offer high precision filling. The machine offers special solutions for colored cosmetic products, can also fill foundation and lipstick. Therefore, it is possible to complete the filling processes and make the products ready for use by using a single machine in the production of foundation, lipstick and mascara.

Mascara Filling Machine are the machines used in the production of mascara, which is one of the most used machines in the cosmetic industry. These machines, which carry out mascara production with three stations, have 1 filling module. The machine can fill lipstick and foundation in addition to mascara and can fully produce these products except for labeling. The mascara filling machines ensures that mascaras are ready for use and is ideal for industrial uses or medium-scale production demands.

What are Mascara Filling Machines, What Does It Do?

Mascara Filling Machines; is used in the production of mascara, lipstick and foundation. The machine, which hosts three different stations, can meet the entire production process of the mascara. The filling machine performs filling with high precision and ensures that the production can be completed according to the requested dosage.

What are Mascara Filling Machines?

Mascara Filling Machine are machines that perform the mascara filling process with its three stations. This machine can be used in the production of lipstick and foundation apart from mascara and ensures that mascara production can be completed in a rapid manner. At the same time, filling processes are carried out with a high level of precision, so it is possible to calculate the weight with precision.

The operating principle of the mascara filling machines is parallel to other filling machines in the cosmetics industry. The mascara filling machines, consisting of 3 units, fills the mascara packages placed on the tray by using a single nozzle in the first unit. In the second unit, brushes are placed on the packaging, which are placed on the cover by personnel. The covers placed at the second station are tightened and at the last station the cover is tightened and ejected from the tray.

What Do Mascara Filling Machines Do?

Mascara filling machine is capable of meeting different demands in the color cosmetics industry. Although the machine used in the production of colored cosmetic products basically fills mascara, it is suitable for use in foundation and lipstick filling processes. It can be used to mass-produce mascara in industrial or medium-sized productions.

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