Powder Press Machines

Powder Press Machines, which contain many features, generally have features that can be listed as follows:

  • It offers an easy use with the touch screen.
  • Made of INOX stainless steel, it enables long-term use.
  • It has a powder filling boiler.
  • It has 40/15 reducer system.
  • It weighs 830 kg.
  • It works with 0.37 kW motor power.
  • It has automatic product extraction feature.
  • Hydraulic pneumatic pressing system is available.
  • It enables the pressing of products such as blush and powder.

Powder press machines are frequently used in the cosmetics industry, make long-term use possible.

Powder Press Machines are very special devices that enable the pressing of powder products. The devices made of PVC plastic, PFTE Teflon have an innovative design. Products such as powder and blush are easily pressed. The device has a powder filling boiler and has a touch screen. In this way, technological intervention becomes possible in the operations performed on the machine. This device is preferred especially in the cosmetics industry but has a wide range of uses.

What is Powder Press Machine, What Does It Do?

Powder Press Machines are used for purposes such as crushing, compacting and flattening the products, ensure the effective pressing of powder products. The basic working principles of the devices produced in a very special way are quite simple. Accordingly, the materials to be pressed are placed on the plate or bed of the machine. The pressing process is done effortlessly. This device enables long-term use as it is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.

What is Powder Press Machine?

Powder Press Machines are machines that are needed in many sectors, especially in the cosmetics sector. It enables pressing operations to be carried out automatically, attracts attention with its innovative design. At the same time, the devices made of INOX stainless and PFTE Teflon have powder filling boilers. Each of the parts in the machines are interconnected within the framework of the system.

What Do Powder Press Machine Do?

Powder Press Machines with a weight of 830 kg are pressing machines that come to the fore with their technological features. Devices with a touch screen make it easy to use. In addition, it is among the devices needed in a wide sector.

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