Privacy Policy

All services and services offered are played by belonging to Mona Makine Tochnology Pazarlama Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi.

Mona Makine Teknoloji, we are working on our website. On the regulation and legal regulation in this direction, the user allows you to experience our website over the internet. The customer plans to visit the recommended offers and store trips at cheap prices, putting privacy first. Thanks to the security infrastructures on our site, you can survive on an internet while you are alive all over the world.

As Mona Makine, we want these “dimensions” of our care for your protection and for your personal care. This policy; How to prepare your personal. This Privacy Policy; It has no affiliation with any commercial business, trademarks or side-apps other than Services and services section only at

What Data and Information Do We Collect?

Through our website; We collect without vacation in the account, in the publications in the magazines, on the leave of the entertainments, in an application filled with a form. This information; name and surname information and address, mobile phone, image phone, image e-mail address. Apart from the aforementioned detail, any additional personal information is collected from those who provide services through our website.

Together, we collect some data in order to experience a better internet size in the services on some of our websites. This system is processed by superimposing it in order to increase the service provided by the policy and size of the system. When we collect things to be done on the internet, your movements on our website will be analyzed. aforementioned; All pages, comprehensive choices for visiting our website, type of IP yours, downloads, price and options for cursor, pages toggles and other applications that can be selected in detail here.

Our manufacturers of products with a much better quality of sizing by gathering, this product is stored on our website.

For What Purpose Do We Collect Your Data and Information?

The purpose of our collection and processing, which we collect through our website; Review the details in use of your internet usage and usage scale to improve much more quality for you. Apart from that, it will usually be used in our systems. Detailing the data and assessments in general as follows:

General purpose evaluation and viewing of your profile that you have created on our website,

Dimension technically, a much higher quality and higher standard service renewal,
In order to provide detailed information about the services provided for children,
Up-to-dateness of services and services by our company,
Being able to develop our customer service standard and produce,
To show the content in the request,
By developing marketing, promotional organizations,
To convey the path of your users on the way to your side,
Benefiting from the benefits of our company, without benefiting from discounts, promotions,
To inform you about relevant legislation and laws.

Your Data and Third Parties

Your personal information collected and processed by our website is never shared with anyone. generally pertaining to minor special circumstances of the laws and laws that you have drawn individually as three days. In such situations, our website will be collected and processed can be used personally. Arrangements of such plans related to budgetary arrangements.

Accordingly, our website will be designed in such a way that it can be transmitted to judicial authorities or models within the scope of the relevant legislation.

Protecting the security and property of our company,
Conflicts as a result of the service or services provided by our website,
Acting that may directly or indirectly affect our other customers,
The occurrence of situations that violate the security of our other customers or users,
In case of any legal action, law enforcement or judicial authorities request information,
Purchase of services we have provided by another venture,

Your personal data may be shared with third parties in cases specified by the relevant legal regulations, but not limited to the situations specified here. Except in these cases, under no circumstances will your data or personal information be shared with third parties.

Details on the Protection of Your Personal Data

As Mona Makine Technology, we fulfill the requirements by making all technical investments in order to protect your personal information safely on the internet. It is our company’s responsibility to prevent third parties from accessing your data. In this direction, we provide our services by taking all the measures that can be taken in the electronic environment at the highest standard. Since Mona Makine takes all the precautions it can take in the face of possible malfunctions, it cannot be seen as the source of any problem should it occur.