Wax Filling Machine

Wax Filling Machine is a device used mostly in the cosmetics industry. The features of the device that enable innovative use are as follows:

  • It has 2 nozzles in total.
  • Made of PFTE Teflon, PVC plastic and INOX stainless steel.
  • It is resistant to impacts and can be used for a long time without any problems.
  • The rotary table in the device allows the wax packages to go through many processes, respectively.
  • Thanks to the device, first the wax packages are filled, then the lids are placed. In the last stage, the covers are nailed.

The device is mostly used in the cosmetics industry with its technological infrastructure and can be used in different fields as well. Since it works automatically, many processes are completed effortlessly.

Wax Filling Machine is a device that allows filling products into wax packages. The machine is made of PVC plastic and INOX stainless steel, has a structure that enables long-term use. Wax packages are placed on the conveyor in the device, which has the basic working principle. The packaging on the turntable first comes under two nozzles. Filling processes are performed here, and the packages are removed from under the nozzle. The process is completed by systematically filling the wax packages with liquid.

What are Wax Filling Machines, What Does It Do?

Wax Filling Machine, which is mostly used the cosmetics industry, is a device with innovative features. Since it works in a systematic way, it ensures that the wax packages are filled effectively. There are two nozzles on the machine. These nozzles allow filling operations to take place. The device, which is used in many sectors, is resistant to impacts thanks to INOX stainless steel. thus, it has a long service life.

Wax Filling Machine is a device consisting of many parts. It has two nozzles on it, which allows the filling processes to be completed in a practical way. This device operates in a systematic way and incorporates many features. The wax and similar products are filled properly by this one.

What Do Wax Filling Machines Do?

The device consists of innovative parts and has a conveyor part. The packaging products to be filled are placed on the conveyor. The packages placed on the turntable come under the nozzle and the filling process is carried out. Upon completion of the filling process, the caps are placed on the wax packages.

In the final stage of the turntable, the lids are nailed to the packages. Thus, the filling process is completed. The Wax Filling Machines have an innovative operating system that makes it easy to use. The device is made of PVC plastic and PFTE Teflon, can be used for a long time and has a long service life.

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